AM Teen's Youtuber of the Week #Jim Chapman

James Alfred "Jim" Chapman is an English YouTube vlogger, blogger and model, who is best known for his pop culture, vlogging . He occasionally makes Q and A's and Tag videos, and also daily vlogs on his second channel, EveryDayJim.


 Jim  graduated from the University of East Anglia with a degree in Psychology he is a member of the Style Haul network and is represented by Dominic Smales at Gleam Futures.Chapman also appears alongside many other YouTubers on the channel DailyMix, which is managed by Gleam; starring in a show called Pimp my Boyfriend. He was part of the 'YouTube Boyband' that raised money for Comic Reliefand was featured in The Guardian. He is also a co-host on the ITV comedy panel showViral Tap.
In 2013, Jim Chapman was named as one of the National Citizen Service's ambassadors, helping to promote the newly launched youth service. Chapman is influential through social media. As of 1 March 2015 Chapman has over 2 million subscribers to his main YouTube channel and over 141 million video views. He has over  1,000,000 subscribers to his second YouTube channel. He has over 1.7million followers on Twitter and 2.1 million followers on Instagram. 

Chapman grew up in Wilby, outside Attleborough, and attended Old Buckenham High School. He is the brother of make-up artists Samantha Chapman and Nic Chapman of the PixiWoo YouTube channel. He also has a twin brother, John, who co-runs the Lean Machines YouTube channel. Chapman has been in a relationship with fellow YouTuber and vlogger Tanya Burr since 2007; they got engaged in 2012 and are currently living in Bremerton and London. They have recently adopted a puppy named Martha, who is a miniature Dachshund. The couple married on 3 September 2015, announcing through their social media accounts on 6 September.Chapman was named the 17th "Best Dressed Man in Britain" of 2015 by GQ magazine.   

  Jim is such a great person, and I genuinely think he is such a caring, loving and sweet person. I really would love to meet him because I feel like it would be a great hug because he was so much taller than me. Anyway, the point is Jim makes great videos, and you should check them out if you don't know who he is. 


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