14 K-Dramas Premiering in May 2018

1.    Suits Premiered on April 25.
Starring: Jang Dong Gun, Park Hyung Sik, Chae Jung An, Go Sung Hee, and more

Suits kdrama.jpg

2.    Mistress Premiered on April 28
Starring: Han Ga In, Shin Hyun Bin, Choi Hee Seo, Goo Jae Yee, and more


3.    You Drive Me Crazy Premiere on May 7 and 8 on MBC
Starring: Lee Yoo Young, Kim Seon Ho, Sung Joo, and more

You drive me crazy.jpg

4.    Wok of Love Premiere on May 7
Starring: 2PM’s Junho, Jang Hyuk, Jung Ryeo Won, and more

Wok of love 1.jpg

5.    Rich Man, Poor Woman Premiere on May 9, a Viki.com exclusively.
Starring: EXO’s Suho, Ha Yeon Soo, Oh Chang Suk, Kim Ye Won, and more

Rich man poor woman.jpeg

6.    Secret Mother Premiere on May 12
Starring: Kim So Yeon, Song Yoon Ah, Song Jae Rim, Kim Tae Woo, and more

Secret mother.png

7.    Lawless Lawyer Premiere on May 12
Starring: Lee Joon Gi, Seo Ye Ji, Lee Hye Young, Choi Min Soo, and more 

Lawless lawyer.jpg

8.    Partners for Justice Premiere on May 14
Starring: Jung Jae Young, Jung Yoo Mi, Lee Yi Kyung, and more


9.    Come and Hug Me Premiere on May 16
Starring: Jang Ki Yong, Jin Ki Joo, Heo Joon Ho, Yoon Jong Hoon, and more

Come Hug me 1.jpg

10.    Miss Hammurabi Premiere May 21
Starring: Go Ara, INFINITE’s L, Sung Dong Il, Ryu Deok Hwan, Lee Elijah, and more


11.    About Time Premiere on May 21
Starring: Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Sang Yoon, Lee Seo Won, Im Se Mi, and more

ABout time.jpg

12.    The Undateables Premiere on May 23
Starring: Hwang Jung Eum, Namgoong Min, Choi Tae Joon, and more


13.    Goodbye to Goodbye Premiere on May 26
Starring: Jo Bo Ah, Lee Sung Jae, Chae Si Ra, U-KISS and UNB’s Jun, and more


14.    Sketch Premiere in May
Starring: Rain, Lee Dong Gun, Lee Sun Bin, Jung Jin Young, and more


May 2018 is packed with dramas for everyone.