Stitchers 2.10 All In Season Finale Post Mortem Review

So last night was the season 2 finale of stitchers, and I think we can all agree that it was AMAZING!  As we know the handsome yet deceiving Liam got offed the last episode, and it's only Kirsten's duty to stitch into that sketchy mind of his to find out info on her dad. So she stitches into him and find out what we already know -- that he was faking it with Kirsten, then we go on to see Kirsten meeting with Ivy for a meeting with Stinger but that all goes up in flames when he did not show,  maybe because the NSA was tailing Kirsten and he's extra super duper smart oh!  And let's not forget the bomb Ivy dropped that Kirsten's mom is still alive!  Which leads us to the next part in the episode where Kirsten and Cameron go and see if somethings in Kristen's mom's grave,  and there's NOTHING there (poor Kirsten).  I didn't even mention the fact that Kirsten already wanted to give up before finding out about her mom and Fishers "wife" popping up out of the thin air (Can't wait to see what happens with that).  Next, in the finale we see Camille drunk calling Fisher .........  Let this sink in FISHER ...........  Okay now that's there we can move on to the biggest seen of the night where Kirsten pours her vulnerability all on Cameron, and they kiss ---- not 5 seconds a glorious 26 seconds, it was a hot guilty one. Then Kirsten joins Camille in her endeavors when Camille assures her that she'll always be a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on which leads us to the final events of the night Kirsten and Camille decrypts a message on an ern and they go to the address to find a man inside of a machine and he's shot and before she can get anything out of him he dies which takes us to the last but not least event in the episode when Kirsten stitches into the doctor and she sees her mother inside this pod ,  the one he was in when she found him and she see him talking to it and the NSA agents come to take her mother's body and shoot the man  when the little boy appears again but he tells her that she's ready for the truth and they disappear to Kirsten's memory where she sees her younger self and her mother bonding ......  And it's a feeling that she doesn't want to let go and them they hacked the anomaly which allowed Cameron to speak to Kirsten directly, and he told her to come back and that he would never leave her and the screen went black ... They really outdid themselves with this episode so much raw emotion how could they not renew it?  #renewstitchers3 !