E! The Royals returns tonight 10/9 c "See where it all started to go down hill"

“The Royals” began with the current king “Simon Henstridge” contemplating getting rid of the monarchy. However, that way of life didn’t sit very well with either his wife  Queen Helena Henstridge (Elizabeth Hurley) or his power-hungry brother Cyrus Prince Cyrus Henstridge (Jake Maskall), leading to the king’s untimely death after being attacked in the street of England. Helena and Cyrus plotted against her own children declaring them bastard children “yes their own mother,” which lead to Cyrus ascent to the throne “this new season will show how successful is reign is.” A bigger role this season for the king’s two surviving children, Liam (William Moseley) and Eleanor (Alexandra Park), are now thrown into a more active role, determined as they are to ascertain what happened to dear old dad, and avenge him, which motivates Liam more than the prospect of any formal duties. Enough said watch season recap and season trailer.