Save Reign #renewreign #reignseason4

Reign fans I know we have suffered a great lost this season, my condolence to you all.  Today I am writing to ask for your help to get us another season of the amazing TV series Reign. Please take 5 minutes and click the link below and sign the petition. 

Giacomo Colacito @itsgiacomo98  story "This is a petition for Reign season 4, this show has a strong fan base, interesting plots, twists, amazing actors, stunning landscapes, great costumes, and it is not a show you're able to see everywhere, it's the only one of its genre, it helped me a lot with my English last year. So please, renew it at least for a 4th season because we need to see how this story ends. I also made a project about Mary Queen of Scots at school, I am a passionate fan and I am fighting with all my forces for this show. Please renew it, don't destroy the thing I love the most: Reign." #renewreign #reignseason4

Why do you love Reign tell me in the comments? 

I made this video for you all, enjoy.