Is your Favorite TV show on the most likely to be Cancelled in 2016 List?

Most of these series have not been officially cancelled, but their ratings have declined and their networks no longer see their value. I don't agree with a lot of their decisions, but the fans of these show have to stand up and fight to keep them alive although some of them no matter how hard you fight they will get cancelled. I hope you favourite shows did not make the list because a few of mine did. 

The CW, Reign (3 Season in process)
I am outraged by the possibility of this show getting cancelled because they chose to put it in a shitty timeslot. Reign is one of my favorite so it is sad to say that the possibly of getting cancelled to make room for new material is rather high unless, by some miracle Reign fans can save it, but I doubt it because there is already talks about shortened final season. If I could say anything to The CW network, it would be not to cancel the show and make it a summer series like The Beauty and the Beast “which is getting cancelled.”

NBC, Grimm (Season 5 in process)
I was shocked to find this out because my Friday night would not be the same without Grimm; I’m a die heart grimmster so I hope that they will not cancel this series. The ratings are slightly declining, but the fan base is increasing so finger cross that this won’t be Grimm’s last season “I sure hope not.”

ABC, Castle (Season 8 in process)
I am a big fan of Castle, but I have to say that the story line is getting boring now that he guy got the girl, and there is only so much time they can make one of them go missing. Therefore, it is ok if ABC decides to let it go as long as they put something better in its place. They have not cancelled it yet but with the rating slowly declining their chance are slim to none.

ABC, Blood & Oil (1 Season)
Ok this is a good show, and I think it deserves a least another season, but that just me because the rating says otherwise. Though ABC has not officially cancelled it yet, the fact that the cut the season short is a clear message that it a goner.

Fox, Bones (11 Season in process)
Eleven season, it’s only natural that the rating will decline with all the new series added to the lineup. However, the question is if there is more story to tell, I say it have done it time and it Ok if they get rid of it “sorry Bones fans time to move on.”  

NBC, The Player (1 Season)
New fall series and I like it; I know that the rating is not high, but I think the show has promised it has it charms, and I think NBC show give it a chance. However, we know that it likely not to happen because The Player’s time slot is given to Jennifer Lopez’s Shades of Blue. (Cancelled)

CBS, Person of Interest (Season 5 to begin)
This show hasn't been the same since they killed one of the main characters, so the rating has declined. I also lost interest when the killed Taraji P. Henson, but it doesn’t matter now it’s a goner and it obvious by the way they keep leaving it out of the lineup. 

NBC, Truth Be Told (1 Season)
I have never watched this series so I can’t comment, but research shows that it is not doing well, and I am not surprised the time slot already packs. 

The CW, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (1 Season)
Watched the first episode and it never made any sense to me and though it is up for an award “Golden Globe nomination” the rating is horrible for the start. Nonetheless, CW is known to keep the show on regardless of their rating and with this nomination they might change their mind, but I would suggest that the say goodbye to this series. 

CBS, CSI Cyber (2 Season)
I am a big fan of Patricia Arquette and the entire cast, and it is good series, but the timeslot is rough this season especially with ABC new series Quantico which is dominating the time slot. 

NBC, Mysteries of Laura (2 Season)
I have never seen this series but base on the research the rating are not good, so I think it a goner. 

Fox, Minority Report (1 Season)
Another new series that should have been giving time, but the rating was not what they expected and even though they have not official cancelled their series they have cut the season short which is normally a sign that they plan to cancel it. I wouldn’t suggest canceling it I would make it a summer series, but I don’t work for Fox, and my opinion doesn’t count “sorry Minority Report fans.” 

CBS, Mike & Molly (6 Season)  
Mike & Molly’ has been officially canceled, I think this was a funny series, but I think it has done it’s time and was very good. So I am sorry to see it go, but it was fun while it lasted. 

Drop a comment with your thoughts about these strong "certain" possibilities of your favorit TV  series getting cancelled.