A Third and Final Season of #Bitten Returns Tonight at 11/10c on #Syfy Here's Season 2 Recap #SaveBitten

Season 2 of Bitten the pack had to face a new evil that have changed each of their lives forever. Elena receives a premonition that she will destroy her wolf pack, who has already lost so much throughout the seasons. This season has a so many unanswered question such as how Rachel and the baby are surviving without Logan, who died protects is a father figure and pack Alpha Jeremy.  Or will Jeremy lay claim to Logan’s son base on pack rules. With this premonitions will Elena and Clay ever have their happy ending, and the list of question goes on. So Bitten fan stays strong this season is going to be a thrilling ride. 

However this does not have to be the last season, you can fight by signing this petition #Howl4More https://www.change.org/p/netflix-any-network-do-not-let-the-bitten-tv-series-end-howl4more …

The Pack is back.but is  Elena is their biggest threat? This season everything changes.

Clips/Recap from Season 2

Season 3 Teaser the truth changes everything. Bitten's final season begins Monday February 15 @ 11 pm


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