Will We Be Saying Farewell To The Beloved #TheVampireDairies Series After Season 8

Although no decision was officially made by the CW network, original cast member, and the beloved Ian Somerhalder confirmed to the crowd at 2016 WalkerStalkerCon in Nashville on Sunday, April 10 that the upcoming eighth season will be the last, he stated: “We have decided to do one last season to do the story justice.” This comes after his co-star Kat Graham confirmed that season eight would be her last. Ok let be forthright I don’t see CW having any other option but to cancel the series after season 8 being the actors and actresses plan to leave the show. The show has not been the same since Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) left the series, and that was expected because the series has revolved around her love triangle with the Salvatore brother (Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder). To add fuel the fire the show rating have also decreased since the actress left the show.  I have been a fan of the show since season one, and I will always watch it, but I think going into season 8 is a stretch because I find that this season 7 storyline is barely holding the audience’s attention. 

The Vampire Diaries’ fans haven't seen the last of (Nina Dobrev) Elena Gilbert; fans can rest assured that Nina Dobrev will return for the final season. Although not confirmed how big a role she will be playing in the farewell season we know she will make an appearance. I for one hopes that she returns as a season regular I think that would be a strong way to end series.

What are your thoughts on this season and do you want or don’t want a season 8?


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