Beauty & the Beast Season 3 Recap Catch Up Before Tomorrows Season 4 Premiere

Another amazing series is coming to an end, Beauty and the Beast Catherine and Vincent captured our heart in 2012 when the beauty cop Catherine "Cat" Chandler fell in love with the beast Vincent Keller an ex-soldier believed to have been killed in action during military service. Their destiny got intertwined before they even met after he saved her life years earlier. In spite of Vincent’s hesitance to start a relationship with Cat, she pursued and persuaded him that they could make it. For three season we have seen them done whatever it took to save each other life. In season 3 Vincent and Catherine attempt to live a normal life, Vincent went back to work as Doctor and planned to propose and move in with Cat. However, that was short-lived after two DHS Agents begin Bob and Carol following them. J.T. thinks he may possess super powers, and Tess is promoted to captain which is causing a problem in her relationships. Heather volunteers to plan Catherine and Vincent wedding after her wedding got canceled. Cat investigates a wealthy transplant recipient whom she suspects may be behind the mysterious experiments. Cat and Vincent see a therapist about their relationship and JT learns that his newfound healing ability comes with a high price. After working with married DHS agents Bob and Carol on a case, Cat suspects that they are working to separate her from Vincent.

Catherine is assigned a new partner and J.T. meets Tess brothers. A mysterious sniper takes a shot at Vincent at his bachelor party hoping to stop him and Cat from interfering with the superhuman experiments while Cat faces her aunts who are in town for her bridal shower. Cat want to give up the fight against the greater threat, but Vincent, J.T., Tess, and Heather convince Cat of her destiny to stop the threats together. Cat & Vincent gets answers which helped them track down Liam, and J.T. goes to great lengths to make sure he is no longer affected by the serum. Vincent and Cat decide to elope in order to draw out Liam, but it didn’t have a plan. Liam interrupts Vincent and Catherine reals wedding and later recruited and then framed Vincent. Liam kidnaps Catherine, but Vincent was able to track down and killed Liam. In the season finale Cat and Vincent finally got married and I guess we have to stay tuned for how things are going for #Vincat. 

Here is a video recap of some of my favorite moments from season 3 of Beauty and the Beast, season 4 return June 2 @ 9/8 c.