#Outlander Season 1 Recap of Jamie & Claire’s Journey A Must See Video!!

Love has no boundaries, Jamie and Claire have proven it, Claire transported back in time to 1743 where she met the ruggedly handsome and injured Jamie. The connection was immediate, although Claire tried to hide her feeling because she wanted to hold on to her former life and time. However, that was short-lived when Claire and Jamie's were forced to get married to save her life. Jamie and Claire were inseparable after their wedding, and their love for each other grew stronger, but their trials and tribulation also got harder, and they had to face these obstacles together. Jamie has always felt the responsibly to protect Claire from people that mean her harm and she continually did the same. The couple is always there for each other when it counts and in the end, Claire tries to save Jamie’s heart and soul as his mind lingers in the torture he endured. Claire and Jamie endured so much together and no matter the circumstances that brought them together their love has captured out hearts. We are starting a new season, and Claire is pregnant, and Jamie is a proud father to be, and they have left the past behind to face a better future.

Here is a video of some of Jamie and Claire’s journey in Season 1