GRIMM Renewed for Season 6!

Fans of the show rejoiced when NBC announced a few weeks ago that Grimm was renewed for a 6th Season.  However, the BIG change is that they will only have 13 episodes not 20 which seems to be the norm these days with many shows.  Grimm season is due to conclude on May 13th.

It seems that the Black Claw problem is not going to be resolved this season (we only have one episode left anyway).  So, they will be getting stronger and more influential next season and it will take Nick and his allies all they have to fight them.  Renard will be coming to power and they are still vague on what side he is going to be on, but that it will test his alliance with Nick.  I am still holding onto my hope that he is undercover within Black Claw to find out information and the inner workings so that he can help bring them down, but he is doing it alone right now, so no one knows.  Even us.

Not all fans were happy, however, due to the fact that Grimm has lost audience members slowly over the last 2 seasons.  Comments across the board seem to suggest tired, worn out writers.  Writers that can't seem to remember things written in past episodes.  Here is hoping that this comes across to the show runners and writers and they can get the continuity up and running. We will have to wait and see!  I know I am excited to see how this works out!