A Reigniacs Worst Nightmare #Reign

SPOILER ALERT!!  As the cast of Reign posts their own pictures of the last day of filming, there is one photo posted by Adelaide Kane on Instagram that has broken my heart.  In this photo, it appears that Mary is being prepped for her beheading. I think when it was announced that Reign was canceled, we Reigniacs knew that the show had to end with Mary's death.  But looking at this photo and knowing what's coming is going to be so difficult to watch. It was brutal to lose Francis, Lola, and Leith in S3 but watching the end of our beautiful Mary's life is going to be torture.  What is it about this show that has us so emotionally attached that we feel like we're losing a family member each time we lose one of them?  Certainly, it begins with the incredible casting of Adelaide, Toby, Megan, Alan, Torrance and the entire ensemble and the Reign writers who have brought each character's story to life.  From the pilot episode, we've witnessed the incredible chemistry between Adelaide and Toby, Adelaide and Megan and Toby and Torrance and, of course, the rest of the cast as well. It is evident that each actor loves the character they play and has put heart and soul into their roles. These characters have become so real to us that we experience real grief when we lose one of them.  S4 starts very soon, and I don't want us to dwell on how it will end. Let's enjoy every moment, every twist and turn. Let's lose ourselves again in Mary's story until this wonderful journey comes to an end!