#ABC's #Conviction Has Gotten My TV Viewing Attention

For the first time since the debut of The Practice, I've never been interested in any drama series (or comedy) on ABC. The Practice was literally their best drama series and after that, it was like watching Bear Grylls squeezing water out of poop. But all that had changed when I saw the trailer for a new series Conviction.

The series follows Hayes Morrison, played by Hayley Atwell, a lawyer and former first-daughter, is blackmailed into heading the new Conviction Integrity Unit in New York City, which was created to reexamine cases where there is credible suspicion of wrongful conviction. She works with a team of lawyers, detectives and forensic experts to identify  those wrongful convicted.

The series stars Atwell (Captain America: Winter Solider & Agent Carter) along with Eddie Cahill (CSI: NY), Shawn Ashmore, Merrin Dungey (The King of Queens), Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead) and Manny Montana.

Conviction is created by Liz Friedlander (Pretty Little Liars) and Liz Friedman (Orange is the New Black), also serves as Executive producers along with Mark Gordon (Ray Donovan, Criminals Minds) and Nick Pepper.

Atwell's character seems to be very intriguing from the start. In the trailer, she's this badass person goes from party bad girl to redemption hero with attitude. So interesting that it's on my list of new shows to watch. I might not watch it live or DVR it. But it'll be on my download to watch.

Conviction premieres Monday, Oct. 3rd at 10/9c on ABC.