Adelaide is in for 7! Now Let's Talk About Bothwell! #Reign

Last time we talked about the rumor circulating that S4 could be the last for Adelaide Kane and that the season may end with Mary's death.  Adelaide Kane herself seems to have addressed the rumors on social media telling we "kids" that she has a 7 year contract.  We will have to wait and see how the upcoming season unfolds, but one thing is for sure...your comments confirmed what I already knew...we are passionate about Reign! 

Now let's talk about the Earl of Bothwell, Mary's 3rd husband. The Earl of Bothwell (portrayed by Adam Croasdell) was Mary's lover while she was married to Lord Darnley and upon the death of Lord Darnley, he becomes Mary's third husband. Their marriage which takes place immediately after Darnley's death angers the Scottish nobles and makes him the prime suspect in Darnley's murder. He is acquitted, but his presence in Mary's life has dire consequences. 

The true story of Mary Queen of Scots is quite tragic, as most of you know.  As I read through her history and as it is portrayed in Reign, Francis was her one true love.  After his death, she never finds true love again.  What a different life she would have led had Francis lived.

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