Another New Romance for #ChicagoFire & #ChicagoPD

The crossovers on Dick Wolf's Chicago franchise has been the best in mastering the concept of television crossovers big, large, small or short no matter how you put it. But fans of Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. will see that the next level this coming season will deal with a cross-show romance.

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Chicago Fire's Sylvie Brett and Chicago P.D.'s Antonio Dawson will become romantically involved in the upcoming season.

"It started to gain some traction because of the actors," executive producer Matt Olmstead said to EW. "There's plenty to play in terms of the May-December version of Brett to Antonio- his character has a couple of kids, he's divorced, no way should he be with this woman, but she's had her heart broken. She's looking for a real man, he qualifies. He's looking for a real soul, a real heart and she qualifies."

Well, this isn't the first time that Fire and PD have explored reomances across hours, from P.D.'s Lindsay and Fire's Severide that didn't work out, to Fire' Mouch and P,D's Platt got married. 

"We like those inter-show romances," Olmstead said. "They can be hard to facilitate scheduling-wise, but they do work."

The one question that remains on this subject matter is how will Fire' Dawson, Antonio's sister, handle this?

"In the middle of it you have his sister, who works with Brett," said Olmstead. "So far it's been playing really well foe us, but there will be little brush strokes as we go along. We'll see where it goes."

You can catch the fourth season premiere of Chicago P.D. Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 10/9c and the fifth season premiere of Chicago Fire Tuesday, Oct. 11th at 10/9c both on NBC.