#Arrowverse Crossover Set Four-Show-Two Night Event in Novemeber

Expect another four show crossover event in the Arrow-verse this fall, but pulling it off in a two night span.

The CW has announced on Wednesday at the Television Critics Associations Summer press tour that the network will air another Arrow-verse crossover event. 

The event will take place across four shows on two nights. The action event will kick off on Monday, Nov. 27 on Supergirl, followed by a special Monday episode of Arrow. Then it'll continue into Tuesday, Nov. 28 on The Flash and concludes that night on Legends of Tomorrow. 

There no storyline details right now but that could change later today as assorted #DCTV EP appears at TCA panels. 

"We felt that it would be better and tighter in storytelling...This was the best way to go," said CW boss Mark Pedowitz, explaining why the scheduling change up of the special Monday episode of Arrow. 

"Next year we may go back to four nights," Pedowitz allowed.


The Arrow-verse began in December 2014 with a crossover event that took place on The Flash and then Arrow. Then in December 2015, Legends of Tomorrow villain Vandal Savage targeted Central City barsta Kendra Saunders, triggering the involvement of Flash and Arrow heroes once again. And last year's four show, three night crossover event folded in Supergirl, as the Super friends were battling the alien race known as The Dominators. 

This should be exciting and something that they probably should have done last year. I'm a fan of crossover events but if you can pull it into two nights instead of a four night event, I would happy. Chicago series has done it in the past as well and even pulled off the four show one night crossover too. But that's different than what CW could do. I'm excited to see what comes in their way this year. Are you?