Reigniacs Will Bash Be Killed by Queen Elizabeth? Rumor has it #Reign

Could it be true?  Is it possible that Bash's story will have a sad ending too?  Yesterday we talked about Torrance Coombs' exit from Reign and that he was written out of the story in such as way that he could return to the series as a guest star. I imagined him showing up to rescue Mary just when she needed him most. However, according to an article published this week in GAMENGUIDE, Bash may die at the hands of Queen Elizabeth!  I hate the idea because I love Bash and keeping him at Mary's side kept a piece of Francis alive for me too. But the reality is that historically, Bash doesn't exist and the writers seem to be moving the storyline to follow more closely what Mary's life was really like in Scotland.  But surely, if Lola's death at the hands of Elizabeth was the catalyst for Mary's hatred of her cousin, the death of Bash will only add to her rage and, historically accurate or not, will further her resolve to take Elizabeth's throne and her head.  Mary and Bash's story may be over but Mary and Elizabeth's story is just beginning.