#Blindspot Renewed for Fifth (Final) Season

Well, just like Jane Doe's tattoos, Blindspot won't be going anywhere. 


On Friday, NBC has announced that Blindspot will be renewed for a fifth and final season. No word on the count of episodes, but it could be around 13 or less. 

The news comes that might give the fans a bit of whiplash after learning a week or so ago that the network pulled the final three episodes from May sweeps. But the rest of the episodes of Season 4 will start on Friday, May 24 and the two-hour season finale will be May 31. 

The series creator Martin Gero told TVLive in a previous interview that the season four finale will bring the FBI team to Iceland, where the episode was filmed. "They're following a clue" about Madeline Burke's planned attack on the Eastern seaboard. "Something happens on the way there that makes the episode take a hard turn." 

Geno adds that the episode will "reinvent the show in a huge way." That "a twist and a dimensionality that we have not been able to play with yet." 

The show's ratings are currently averaging under a 0.5 demo rating, ranking last among the current NBC dramas, while holding 2.8 million viewers. 

I'm literally happy that the show gets to end on good terms. I can't wait to see how this show ends and if we will get a happy ending. I've been a fan since the first trailer of season one; I just love and connect with these rich and fun characters.  

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