#Bull Interview Fun

Michael Weatherly's doing so many interviews that I may need to make this a weekly roundup sort of thing. Here goes.

This video starts with a clip that was filmed before I was born, which was trippy for me. He talks about the new showrunner and tearing Bull apart. Several of these interviews talk about him going full train wreck, so I'm a little worried.

Michael Weatherly talks about going to the bathroom alone, being caught with his pants down, and Bull's "slow motion car crash."

Michael Weatherly talks about an embarrassment of twos, Tony Dinozzo and how much Minka Kelly freaked him out in the premiere. He also talks more about Bull's transformation, which he blames J.P. Nunnelly for.

Michael Weatherly talks about coffee, bad decisions, and rap music.

Michael Weatherly talks about Dr. Phil, Bull's flaws, and finding a groove.

And just for fun, here's a fanvid of Michael Weatherly as James Bond.