Calista Flockhart Will Return to #Supergirl for Season 2

Since the announcement of Supergirl's move to The CW from CBS, one of the biggest looming questions was the fate of Cat Grant. Granted, the character was not left in a perilous place at the end of S1, but the lower budget was rumored to be problematic, as Calista Flockhart is said to be the most highly paid cast member.

I was personally never worried, because as a devoted viewer of The CW (and WB before it), I am very familiar with how they tend to handle budgetary restrictions. Think back to any season of a show like Veronica Mars, and you will realize that main characters (defined as those who are listed in the main credits) would simply disappear for several episodes at a stretch. That's because the show can't afford to pay them for the full season's worth of episodes. It actually works better than trying to find some excuse to include everyone in every episode, in my opinion. 

So we can all breathe easy, because Comic Book Resources reports that Calista Flockhart is confirmed as a recurring guest star for S2. I couldn't be happier with this news. Kara's new role at Catco would naturally involve less constant interaction with Cat, so there's no concern that Cat's absence will stand out plot-wise, but also, less can be more when dealing with a character whose influence has been so significant. When we see Cat Grant, it will be important, and we'll get the benefit of her wisdom, her feminism, her confidence in Supergirl that has been so crucial.