Charmed Says Bye to Harry & Welcomes Tessa (Pretty Little Liars Vet Chloe Bridges)?

Macy, Mel, and Maggie have a new Whitelighter who fills in when Harry “mysteriously disappears,” on this weeks episode but is Tessa here to stay?

Who is Tessa?

Pretty Little Liars Vet Chloe Bridges play Tessa:

Chloe Bridges..jpg

Tessa is a no-nonsense Whitelighter, who unlike Harry, who nurtures the witches’ powers and understands that they’re still relatively new to the craft. Tessa will let them know that she is not a baby sitter and they need to get it together.

This addition makes sense if they are going to fall in line with the Original series. Piper and Leo were in love, and now that they made Mel (Piper Character) a gay character it is only right that they bring in a female Whitelighter to eventually make them a couple.

As for the show’s main story arc, executive producer Amy Rardin tells TVLine that the second half of Season 1 will “explore the mystery of who killed Marisol. We have a lot of twists and turns in that story. We have a lot of mysteries to reveal.”