#ChicagoFire #ChicagoPD S7/6 Ep. 15 "What I Saw"/"Good Men" Crossover Event Preview #ChiHards #OneChicago #ChicagoWednesday

Here's a preview of this week's two-hour epic crossover event between Chicago Fire titled, "What I Saw" and Chicago PD titled, "Good Men."

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Chicago Fire: "What I Saw"

In the first part of the crossover event with Chicago PD, a spate of robberies comes to light after a firehouse lock-box key goes missing. CPD's Voight has suspicions that a firefighter may be involved, and with Boden's support, he recruits Cruz to go undercover and help sniff out any suspicious activity.

Chicago PD: "Good Men"

In the second part of the crossover with Chicago Fire, using information from CFD's Cruz, Intelligence chases down the robbery crew that's been using the lock-box key. Voight is under pressure to bring the crew to justice without tarnishing the reputation of a murdered firefighter who might have been involved.



I literally can't wait to see this crossover!! I hope we get to see Halstead riding his motorcycle again. That was total badass.

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You can catch the two-show crossover event Chicago Fire at 9/8c and Chicago PD at 10/9c Wednesday on NBC!