#ChicagoJustice S1, Ep. 1/2 "Fake"/"Uncertainty Principle" preview/clips

Crossover: Wednesday, March 1st: "Fake"

Firehouse 51 responded to a horrific warehouse fire that killed 39 people. This led the Chicago P.D. on a manhunt for the suspect. Now with someone in custody for both arson and multiple murders, it is up to Peter Stone and his team, including lead investigator Antonio Dawson to step in to bring some peace and resolution to so many families and friends of those lost - including one very close to home.  When the team comes face to face with a hotshot attorney (guest star Bradley Whitford), they find themselves up against a dicey confession, incriminating evidence, and a questionable motive. 

Premiere: "Uncertainty Principle" Sunday, March, 5th 9/8c

Stone and the State's Attorney team investigates the chain of events following the arrest and death of a young man, ultimately seeking charges against Police, Fire Department and Medical personnel, only to have a recalcitrant Grand Jury indict a single individual: Officer Kevin Atwater. Paul Robinette (guest star Richard Brooks reprising his LAW & ORDER role) defends Atwater.

You can catch the One Chicago Crossover Wednesday, March 1st at 8/7c and the series premiere of Chicago Justice Sunday, March 5th at 9/8c on NBC.

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