#ChicagoMed S2, Ep. 14 "Cold Front" Preview/Clips/Promo

The doctors and nurses of Chicago Med brace for an influx of trauma patients when a pre-dawn pileup finds the hospital in full scramble mode. With Dr. Rhodes  and Dr. Latham handling duties in triage, difficult decisions are made. As a result of the storm and emergencies, supplies become limited and Goodwin, Dr. Manning (Torrey DeVitto) and Dr. Halstead must deal with making an impossible decision. Meanwhile, Dr. Choi handles a severely burned patient who has one final request. Dr. Charles deals with an agitated patient who makes his presence known in the waiting room

It's an all hands on deck new episode of Chicago Med that I'm sure this will have us on the edge of our seats once again. After the new year the show has really picked up on great stories and I'm sure this one will be another home run. 

What do you think of this Thursday's upcoming episode? 

You can catch Chicago Med Thursday nights at 9/8c on NBC.