#ChicagoMed S4, Ep. 21 "Forever Hold your Peace" Episode Preview #ChiHards #OneChicago

Here's a preview of this Wednesday's episode of Chicago Med.

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"Forever Hold Your Peace"

As Caroline has new to share, Dr. Charles is forced to make a serious decision about their relationship. Maggie meets her sister's new boyfriend but discovers danger may lie ahead. Rhodes experiences a devasting lose while Ethan and April are faced with an unexpected challenge that strengthens their relationship.


Sneak Peak/Promo:

Oh man! Could Dr. Charles be leaving Med for good? I’m not quite sure that will happen. I think that Conner will be dealing with some powerful stuff this week; not only with that kid and his father in the clip but probably losing his dad too. Maybe Will could take some lessons from Ethan and April in relationships. Does anyone think Emily will bail on her baby? Two more episodes left! It’s hard to believe that we are coming to the end of the season.

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