#ChicagoPD New Face Joining The Unit

A new face will be moving up in the ranks with a recurring gig on Chicago PD next week.

Revenge alum, Nick Wechsler, will be playing gang-unit member Kenny Rixton, who is brought in by his former protege, Voight, but some members aren't sitting well with it.

"They want to know the story: who am I working with? Who am I trusting my life to," executive producer Matt Olmstead previews?

Voight "isn't in a big hurry to over-explain himself to the rest of the people who are under him in the unit," says Olmstead. "He doesn't really mind them being a little destabilized, and he's not falling over himself to say, 'Hey, guys, accept him.' He's still coming from the point of view of, 'I run the unit. I brought him in. I say he's going to work out; he's going to work out. So do your job."

But that non-answer "may not be good enough for some people, like Halstead and Atwater, who want to know more about this guy," EP continues.

Kenny's arrival stirs "different reactions from the characters in the unit, in terms of their willingness to look past certain things," says Olmstead.

Having turned his own life around to a degree, Voight "believes in" KEnny's future potential and that could lead to heartache for the typically stoic Sergeant.

"We're going to explore the circumstances of why (Kenny) wants to leave the gang unit," Olmstead teases. "The question becomes: Can (Kenny) made a transition into legitimate detective work when he came from the murky Wild West of the gang unit? That's this character's journey, which isn't entirely successful, at least at the outset. Do old habits die hard? And does that kind of break Voight's heart, in terms of wanting this kid to move forward like he, himself, did?"

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Chicago PD returns with a Crossover event on Tuesday, Jan. 3 at 10/9c with Chicago Fire and will air a new episode the next night, Wednesday, Jan. 4th at 10/9c only on NBC.