#OnceUponATime: Will Regina Sacrifice Herself To Save Emma & Storybrooke?

This thought came to mins and I thought I should dive into ift. Especially for all you SwanQueen Shippers out there, I'm sure you will enjoy this discussion. We learn't during 6x05 "Strange Case" that in order for the Evil Queen to die, Regina must die as well. We discovered when Hook killed Jekyll on his ship, Hyde died as well. Even though the serum made them two people, it's as if together, they share a heart, and not the way Snow and Charming do. In a way, Regina and the Evil Queen share a heart but they technically are the same person. Coming back to Emma and Regina's conversation during 6x05, Regina made Emma promise her a similar promise Regina made Emma back in Season 5, when Emma was fighting off the darkness. If it comes to killing Regina, despite everything that has happened, nothing can hold Emma back, she must kill her in order to save Storybrooke and their family. I personally never really dive into Regina much because she's honestly one of the more complicated characters, alongside Rumple and Hook, which is fun because their history's all tie together in some ways. That's the funny thing with this show, like Hook said back in Season 4, if you stay long enough in Storybrooke, you realize one way or another everyone is related.

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