Reigniacs Enough Talk of Donald and Hillary - Let's Talk About Catherine! #Reign

I LOVE Megan Follows!  I have been a huge fan since she played Anne of Green Gables, in the 80's.  She was incredible as Anne Shirley, but as Catherine de Medici, she is flawless.  But I digress. Back to Reign. In S3, Catherine fought hard to take the regency from Lord Narcisse by sacrificing Claude for the cause. But this time as a result of her treachery, King Charles seeks and is granted the right to rule without a regent.  Of course, Catherine de Medici never goes down without a fight and brings little brother, Henry, back to court. What do you suppose Catherine's next move will be?  Will she seek to have Charles removed from the throne?  If so, how?  Charles' mental health seems unstable since he returned to the court after his kidnapping.  Will she try to convince the privy council that the King is unfit to rule?  History says that King Charles was mentally unstable and relied on his mother, Catherine de Medici, his entire life. So, with the addition of an older Prince Henry in Season 4, it seems likely to me that Charles' mental health will be in question and that Catherine will use it to her advantage to win back her power.  Unfortunately, we have to wait awhile to see how Catherine's story unfolds and I, for one, can't wait to see how far Catherine will go and who she will "throw under the bus" to get what she wants.