#Reign - Extreme Measures - The Dance

From the moment Mary returns to France, sparks flew between her and Francis. Their love story is epic, and the incredible chemistry between Adelaide Kane and Toby Regbo brought Mary and Francis to life. But, like most epic love stories, theirs will end in tragedy. History tells the tale of two young people who, In a world where marriage is rarely about love, found true love in each other. They were soul mates, and though forced to move on with her life after Francis' death, I believe that Mary Queen of Scots never found true happiness again

As we continue recapping Reign S3, we have to face the loss of Francis. In Extreme Measures, S3, Ep3, Francis' health is declining rapidly, and he and Mary are desperately trying to keep Francis' condition hidden from the French court.  Francis no longer leaves their quarters, and his absence is arousing the suspicions of the new English ambassador who has yet to meet with Francis.  Further complicating matters, King Antoine returns to Court seeking safe passage for Conde. It seems Louis has been captured by mercenaries and Antoine offers to convert to Catholicism if Francis allows Conde to travel through France to reach Navarre. However, Antoine will not speak with Mary given her history with Conde and demands to see Francis.  So, for appearance's sake, Francis and Mary must attend a court gathering. As they arrive at the gathering, supported by Mary, they make their way to an empty chair. Before they are seated, the music begins, and the court musician calls for a dance between the King and Queen. Mary offers to make an excuse, but Francis wants to dance with his wife. As he struggles to stay on his feet, Mary takes the lead and tells him to keep his eyes on her, and they will get through it. What follows is a truly beautiful moment.  As the dance ends, Francis collapses to one knee, and Mary lovingly touches his face. It is Heartbreaking, beautiful and just one more moment when you feel the awesome chemistry between Toby and Adelaide.

Extreme Measure is an action-packed episode, and there's so much more to cover so we'll continue tomorrow!  Yet to come...Catherine bites her tongue and saves the day, Lola and Narcisse make plans, and Charles has a near-death experience!  Stay tuned!