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Felicity Suits Up To Become A Legend. #LegendsofTomorrow #Arrow

Legends of tomorrow episode 16 look set to include a new hero or maybe a villain when Felicity Smoak suits up thanks to the world-altering efforts of the Legion of Doom and the Spear of Destiny. 

Felicity Smoak mask closeup.  

Felicity Smoak mask closeup.  

When promo images for upcoming legends epsidoe Doomworld appeared online fans of Arrow and Legends got a treat. from the start of Arrow Felicity has always been the Babara Gordon/Oracle character of the show even loosing the use of her legs at one point and being wheelchair bound. Now it appears the makers of the show want to include a little Stephanie Brown into the mix with this costume that resembles The Spoiler. 

Full concept for Felicity  

Full concept for Felicity  

Above is the full body concept for Felicity and below is the hooded spoiler that bares more than a passing resemblance to our Felicty


Spoiler aka Stephanie Brown

Hopefully this is more than just a concert and we get to see Felicty kick some butt in an awesome costume with a new code name, my names for her would be either Smoakscreen or Trojan. Let me know in the comments what your code name for her would be.