Finally! Brianna and Roger picture released for OUTLANDER!

In an official announcement today, Entertainment Weekly announced they had the exclusive picture for Outlander fans of Roger and Brianna!  You could hear the collective “Finally!” said around the globe.

Starz and Outlander knew that next to Jamie and Claire, Brianna and Roger were the next most anticipated castings, especially to those of us who have actually read the books, because we know them and their story.  They have kept a huge tight lid on the scenes and when they would debut this season and now that the season finale is (*gulp*) upon us in a couple of weeks, we get to see a glimpse. 

Just in case you don’t know the signifigance of these two, here is a quick catch up.  Brianna is the daughter of Jamie and Claire.  Basically the baby Claire is pregnant with when she returns to Frank.  Almost 20 years later, she is all grown up and Claire will take her to Scotland.  There, we will meet a very grown up and handsome Roger Wakefield.  

Eventually, especially from Season 4 on, these two will be getting much more screen time and their own story lines.

Brianna (Randall) Fraser will be played by Sophie Skelton and Roger Wakefield (Mackenzie) will be played by Rik Rankin.