Grey's Anatomy News and Rumors

If your like me you have watched every Grey's episode since day one and love the characters. To me they are amazing they face so much drama every day both in the hospital or in their personal lives. I know we have all been dying to know who is staying on for season 13. When season 12 ended we all knew Sara Ramirez ( Callie ) will not be returning for season 13. As of now we know the following people have signed on for season 13 with many more to sign:

Justin Chamber- Alex Karev

Chandra Wilson- Miranda Bailey

James Pickens JR- Richard Webber

Kevin McKidd- Owen Hunt

Another small but exciting rumor is that executive producer Betsy Beers says season 13 may show a love interest for our beloved Meredith. At the end of season 12 we saw she was ready to move on and thats great. Betsy says she can see Meredith and Alex together!! Can you see Mer and Alex???