GRIMM HAS MET ITS END; Season 6 to be the last!

It is a sad day in Grimmster land.  NBC has decided this past week that Grimm will end with upcoming Season 6.  The only good news here is that the network didn’t just up and cancel it; at least they are giving the showrunners and writers a chance to end the show on a good note. 

The final season will allow fans to see a battle they have long been waiting for; Nick vs. Captain Renard.   Apparently, Nick and Renard don’t make up and become buddies again.  This would make no sense anyway, after what Renard did to Nick and a really good friend last season.  With Black Claw silenced, Nick will have to contend with the power hungry new mayor elect, Renard.  With Renard’s long reach, Nick will have a great responsibility on his shoulders to protect the city, friends and allies as well as those close to him like Adalind and his child.  It will take everything he and his allies / friends have to help bring peace.  Amongst all this, poor Rosalee and Monroe are expecting a child and fear not just for their lives, but their unborn baby.  What does it mean to be bringing a child into this tumultuous world?

Questions remain.  Will the stick be used again and to what degree.  Surely it was hidden in the way it was for a very good reason.  It must have a greater power than we have seen.  Will the writers bring back some more unfinished business (like the black claw school for children for example) or will they just hope the true die-hard fans will forget and forgive? We will have to wait and see.

Grimm has been with us since 2011 and has become a staple for Friday nights.  Though it shifted quite a bit (three different time slots to be exact!) just in its second season, it still got over 7 million views.  Impressive since that is how many shows lose viewers.  It returned to its Friday night lineup in its third season and has remained there since. However, as stated prior, numbers have been dropping and the 5th season saw a “mere” 6 million viewers.  Still plenty in my book, but like I said, NBC didn’t think so.  In my opinion, the writing was getting a little off and random as well as bringing in an idea, then dropping it and never returning to it. 

We will have to wait and see and hope that the writers at Grimm will do a much better ending than the ones did with Angel.

The new season starts on Friday, January 6, 2017.  I will be tweeting live as usual and writing a review / recaps after each episode up to the end.  See you there!

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