#Grimm (S6, Ep 7) "Blind Love" Preview/Promo/Clips

Oh boy, love is in the air on Monroe's birthday weekend getaway.. When Rosalee surprises Monroe with a getaway for his birthday and invites most of the gang to join them. Things take a shocking turn when a hotel employee targets Nick to avenge his father. Meanwhile, Eve gets a visit from a dark force that she has seen before. Elsewhere, Renard spends the weekend with Diana when a former ally decides to get even. 

Oh my god, I believe this will have every fan from Nickiette, Monrosalee and Nadalind fans yelling at the television.  With everything that has happen, this seems to be the episode that we can enjoy watching our heroes have fun while someone planting a revenge on them.  Hell the first clip probably isn't going to give Nadalind fans any easy too. 

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You can catch Grimm Friday nights at 8/7c on NBC.