#Grimm Season 6 teasers of What's to Come

I think we've all been getting that emotional thrill that the season premiere of the final season of Grimm is near. Also I know everyone wasn't too happy with the shorten final season too, but the showrunners of the series sure wasn't.

"There was a chance that we would have gotten 22 (episodes), and we were going, 'Oh my God," James Kouf says, laughing telling TVLine and other visiting reporters along with David Greenwalt, another showrunner.

"That's a long trek," Greenwalt added. "We did that for five years."

"You know," Kouf added, "123 times through the fairy-tale world, and you start getting a little slim."

Even David Giuntoli, who took questions too and will make his directorial debut in the third episode points out how grateful with the cast that it's ending with plenty of notice.

"First of all, it was very lovely to be able to get a final anything in lifw here you know it's the final anything. It doesn't just get pulled out form under you, so that was nice," said Giuntoli as he chuckles. "I like to call it the Oregon, death-with-dignity, kind-of-our-hospice run."

With humor aside, Kouf and Greenwalt said that they had just enough "energy and the clarity and the creativity to push us through 12 great episodes" and the tease that the final three are "one giant movie."


Even Silas Weir Mitchell says that longtime viewers will be happy with the farewell tour, saying " I think (the writers are) trying to answer questions for the poeple that have stuck with us, man. The fans have stuck with us from this night to the night and this time to that time. Theyy deserve answers. They deserve the satisfaction of an ending."

Here are some teases:

1. The final season will be full of the show's hallmark nightitme scenes in the great outdoors. "It's lot of that feeling of the great, black forest/Portland look that we always loved and the fairy tale aspect of that," Greenwalt says.

2. With the season's call-backs to previous episodes: I'll say this: There will be a Hummel figurine," Greenwalt teases.

3. Bree Turner addresses out curiosity about Rosealee's pregnancy by saying: "There's been a few incidences where, yeah some fake bellies have come out. But also, but we've been real time, you know, fro the finale of last season. So in these 13 episodes, it's only technically 6 weeks. But they have done a couple of creative choices, through storytelling, that are really fun."

4. Greenwalt previews: "There's a very interesting time jump at the very end. There is some playing we time."

5. Nick has shown an unnatural attachment to the magic stick at the beginning of the season and his feelings may be mutual. "Not enterly so much as you might think begin to suspect from the beginning, but yeah, because this is too powerful for human hands to hold," Greenwalt says. The EP's also promises that "the stick definitely figures through the whole thing" and that any questions raised "will be answered."

6. And finally a tease about the series finale: "We're leaving it in a good place," Greenwalt says. "Great sorrow and great hope, you know?" Claire Coffee adds, "Everything's tied up. There are great reminders of why everybody liked the show to begin with and what really endeared the show to people. All of that comes back, tenfold."

Oh man, what could that be? In a good place. As much as I loved for Adalind and Nick to be together (because I really think they are the perfect couple in the series along with Monore and Rosealee), I'll be happy what the writers gives us no matter what. Ever since the promos have been released my mind has been in hyper drive. But also it's not the only show leaving in my life (Bones).

As much as I love ad enjoy watching a full 22-25 episode season, there are times where it gets tiresome. I love having a show doing it's final season with 13 episodes. If you look back at other shows like 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation, they did their best seasons with strong, character based and storytelling ending.

What are you thoughts going into the final season of Grimm? Have any theories of what will happen? What do you want the ending to be?

The final season of Grim premieres Friday, Jan. 6th at 8/7c on NBC.