#Grimm The Final Chapter Promo III

During Days of Our Lives on Tuesday, NBC aired a newly version promo of the final season of Grimm. 

Even though it still showed some of the same clips, there was also a few new clips like a calendar of an event that's soon to come. Plus Nick and the gang getting caught by Renard's gang busters. Also I do love Rosalee's reaction of "oh my god..." That kind of help set the tone maybe as well. 

Also if you checkout TVLine.com for another addition of Michael Ausiello's "Ask Ausiello,"  someone asked a Grimm question about Mesiner if he was coming back and him and Adalind to live happily ever after. Ausiello informs with a yes and no answer to the question but not in any in that order of how it was asked. But it will become clearer in the first couple of episodes. 

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Here's the clip that I recorded from my tablet and on the bottom is a clear picture one: