#Grimm "The Seven Year Itch" Preview

After being asleep for seven years, a new wesen awakens from the Earth and unleashes with a deadly hunger. Nick and Hank joins Wu to investigate a bizarre murder in the local park. Elsewhere, Renard continues to deal with ghost from his past, while Monroe and Rosalee visits the doctor to see if Diana's premonition it actually true. and back at the loft (form!), Adalind finds a very weak Eve in the tunnels and mysterious drawings scrawled all over the wall. 

Man, talk about one nasty cicada. No exterminator will want to do anything with this Wesen.

As much as I can't wait to see this wesen, I think I'm more interested this week with Monroe and Rosales's baby and if it's healthy and how many are they having. I think three (just because the term "The Big Three" has stuck in my head all television season thanks to This Is Us). 

Also, Adalind and Eve is another. How will these two interact after Adalind finds Eve weak and what will she do after seeing those mysterious signs on the wall. 

And I think Renard and his friendly neighborhood ghost friend, Meisner would be another interesting see. I hope there will be more scenes like we saw this past week's episode. That throwing of the coffee scene was just too funny. Do I feel bad for Renard (a little), but not a whole lot, even after telling Diana stuff about mommy and Nick.

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You can catch Grimm Friday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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