Happy Birthday Princess Claude! #Reign

Princess Claude of Valois was born on November 12, 1547 and her real life was dramaticallydifferent than her life as portrayed in Reign!  When Claude (played by Rose Williams) returned home, her arrival breathes new life into French court!  I loved her right away.  She is spirited, willful and loves pushing Catherine's buttons. In our story, Catherine believes that Claudemurdered her twin sisters as infants. Thinking Claude a monster, Catherine has kept her far away from France most of her life.  After Kenna discovers Catherine is slowing poisoning Claude and saves her life, at Claude's request, Bash steps in and finds the true killer of the twins.  Catherine does her best to repair her relationship with Claude but their relationship will always be rocky. By the end of S2, Claude matures and finds love with Leith.  Whether theirs is a love story with a happy ending or a tragic one, remains to be seen. 

Here's Claude's real story.  Unlike in Reign, Claude was Catherine's favorite daughter. Princess Claude was raised in France with her sister Elisabeth and Mary Queen of Scots.  She had many health problems including a club foot and hunchback which she inherited from Catherine.  She was married at age 11 to the Duke of Lorraine, a man well beneath her station. But despite her age, she and the Duke are said to have had a happy marriage. Sadly though, Princess Claude aka the Duchess of Lorraine, died at age 27 giving birth to her 9th child.   

I have to say that I much prefer Claude as she is portrayed in Reign and in my mind, since her story is already so very different than her reality, there is no reason that she and Leith can't be together. This Reigniac will be heartbroken if she doesn't get her happy ending with Leith. 

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