Reigniacs Have We Seen The Last Of Bash? #Reign

Is Bash gone forever?  After 3 seasons on Reign, Torrance Combs (Bash) leaves the best show ever to play Wade Briggs on the upcoming show "Still Star-Crossed."  Based on Romeo & Juliet, Torrance takes on the role of Count Paris,  the Count of Mantua, who was the man Juliet was supposed to marry before she and Romeo died.  Rumor has it that Torrance's character is the central villain and I think he's going to rock this role.  I came to Reign because of Torrance Coombs.  He played Thomas Culpepper in the final season of The Tudors.  Thomas Culpepper was not a nice guy and in the end, lost his head because he fooled around with Henry VIII's wife. Fortunately, the fact that Bash did not suffer the same fate as Culpepper and left to 'find himself" the door is wide open for his return. And, Torrance himself has hinted that he could return for an episode or two.  As much as I will miss Bash, it sounds like its going to be a great show and Torrance, of course, will be amazing.