#Homeland Nearing a Two Year Deal with Showtime

Alright take a nice deep breath, Carrie Mathison and fans of Homeland....you've got a long road ahead of you.

Showtime's CEO David Nevins has announced Wednesday that the network is nearing a deal to renew Homeland for Season 7 and 8.

Nevins has also confirmed that the show's upcoming sixth season will not premiere in the fall, like it has in the past five seasons of the show. Instead, it will premiere in January 2017, while Shameless Season 7 will take over Homeland's fall spot.

"Homeland is a show that is constantly reinventing itself...since it's very much about this Intelligence world," Nevins said to reporters during a conference call. "More than most, this is a show that has an open-ended expiration date, just because of the subject matter."

Homeland's sixth season will be set and shot n New York City, and will take place during the two month period between Election Day and the swearing in of the new POTUS.

"There is this strange period in America where there are 72 days when it's not exactly clear who's in charge, and there is a new president that needs to be educated on what it means to be president," Gansa recently told EW.com. "That is a very complex transfer of power filled with all kinds of anxiety and different competing interests....it's a dangerous time in our democracy."