#JaneTheVirgin Season 3 Predictions

Predictions, predictions!

(If you like to go into a new JTV season with no knowledge of anything—skip this.)

Jane the Virgin Season 3 is a weekend away so why not make predictions that’ll probably be proven wrong in the first ten minutes of the season premiere? Ya with me? Great!

The addition of some interesting new cast members might give us some clues. According to Deadline.com, Desperate Housewives star Richard Chavira is set to join JTV in a recurring role as Xiomora’s ex-boyfriend. I’m guessing this is Bruce, Xo’s married ex-boyfriend; this was a relationship Jane did not approve of.  Bruce was mentioned in the pilot episode but he never really came up again.   If there’s a Bruce/Xiomara arc this season, maybe JTV will delve into Xo’s past. I think the show had envisioned the character of Xo as a buck-wild aspiring singer who had friends like Sl*tty Crystal and affairs with married men. We’ve seen a little of that behavior like when Xo made out with Lina’s crush, hooked up with Esteban, and the infamous “Milkshake Moment,” but for the most part, Xo, as played by Andrea Navedo, has been more free-spirited than buckwild. Xo’s journey usually parallels Jane’s, so maybe Xo will mature this season and revisiting her mistakes with Bruce might be how.

Speaking of the revisiting the past, TVLine reported earlier this fall that Miles Gaston Villanueva (no relation, lol) from The Young and the Restless is joining JTV as Sam, Jane’s crush from long before she met Rafael or Michael. Sam is described as “intellectual and sexy, “–everything that gets Jane’s heart a-glowin’. I want to go on record as saying I officially feel some kinda way about what this character might mean.  JTV creator Jennie Snyder Urman says Jane is definitely going to lose her virginity this season; is Sam the guy she loses it with? I mean, I get it, from the point of view that the show doesn’t want to alienate #TeamMichael or #TeamRafael by letting either one of them be the man Jane chooses to share her flower with. But Jane’s husband is clinging to life in a coma (in the promos, at least).  I find it hard to believe that Jane, who waited 24 years for the sacrament of marriage to have sex, is going to entertain a flirtation—let alone do the do—with an old crush while she is married. My prediction is Michael lives, but when he wakes up, he has no memory of his life with Jane.  (That happened to a couple in real-life and the spouse had to make the spouse who couldn’t remember fall in love all over again. That would be kind of cool, seeing Jane forced to fight for the man she loves.) If Michael doesn’t remember Jane, he might push her right into the arms of this Sam guy. JTV’s writers rock, so I’ll allow it.

Deadline.com reports Six Feet Under star, Justina Machado joining JTV to play Darcy Factor, a matchmaker Rogelio goes to see to get his love life back on track.  So does that mean Ro and Xo are definitely not a thing this season? Did Xo decide to keep Esteban’s Este-baby? We shall see.

People magazine says Gossip Girl actress Kelly Rutherford is joining JTV to play a high-powered publishing exec who hires Jane as her assistant’s assistant. Jane’s starting from the bottom.

And JTV cast members are doing cool stuff worth checking out. Gina Rodriguez stars in the hit movie Deepwater Horizon, the true story of the worst oil spill in this nation’s history. I saw it and Gina was amazing as oil-rig crew member Andrea Fleytas. Justin Baldoni’s docu-series My Last Days aired on the CW this summer. I watched it, and it was three nights of uplifting episodes that reminded me of what’s really important in life. Bravo, Mr. Baldoni.  Diane Guerrero, who plays Jane’s bff Lina, is set to star in the movie version of her memoir, In the Country We Love, which deals with Guerrero’s experience of having her parents deported when she was 14 years old.