Reigniac!!! Leith? Could he be alive? #Reign

Reign fans lost so many beloved characters in S3.  It was heartbreaking, especially for this Regboner, to lose Francis.  But we also lost Lola, Bash and Leith!  Or did we lose Leith?  These on set photos give me hope that he might have survived.  Poor Leith! He has a habit of loving women above his station.. Leith and Greer loved each other but when circumstances seemed to pave the way for Leith and Greer to be together, Greer broke Leith's heart by refusing to give up the independent life that she had made for herself.  Princess Claude returned to French court as a young woman with a gift for causing trouble. She survived Catherine's attempt to poison her, matured a bit and found true love with Leith.  With Catherine's blessing she and Leith planned to marry.  It seemed that their story would have a happy ending until Martel de Guise came to court. When de Guise learned about their plan to marry, he had Leith stabbed in the village and left for dead.  Before collapsing in the snow, Leith uttered his final word, Claude. A truly tragic, yet very romantic scene and just one of several cliffhangers that we Reigniacs must ponder until S4 airs.