Reigniacs Let's Talk About Narcisse #Reign

SPOILER ALERT!!! IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED SEASON 2 OR 3 OF REIGN YET...LOOK AWAY!  Stefan Narcisse (played by Craig Parker) is a powerful, wealthy nobleman whom Francis, Lola and their newborn, Jean, encounter as they wait out the plague at Conde's camp.  The story that follows is one of blackmail, treachery, trickery, betrayal and loss, devastating loss.  Stefan Narcisse loved Lola.  Despite his betrayal, Lola loved Narcisse. Tragically, their love story ends when Lola is beheaded at the hand of Queen Elizabeth.  He tried to save her. He fought to save her.  But now Lola is gone and Narcisse is in prison. So, where is the baby?  Does Narcisse get out of jail? Does he return to France?  Lola named Mary as Jean's Godmother. Will Mary raise him?   Will Narcisse turn to Catherine if he returns to France?  I think that with Mary back in Scotland its unlikely that she would take the baby. Narcisse could raise him, but Jean is a fictional character, which makes me wonder how he will fit into the story.  My thought is that the baby will be placed with Lola's family and quietly written out of the story. But that's just guess at this point. What do you think will happen to Narcisse?  To Jean? How does Stefan move on after Lola?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.