Love on the Set!! #HAHN

Love can find you anywhere and anytime. A day at work could lead to finding the love of your life. Well, I guess that's what happen on the set of The Have and The Have Nots. Tika Sumpter (Candace Young) and Nicholas James (Officer Justin) are engaged. 

Funny how on the show, they hate each other. I wonder do they laugh about that at night. Not only are they engaged, but the couple welcomed a baby girl, named  Ella-Loren back in November. Tika keep her baby father a secret for awhile due to backlash. So sad that in today's world, we still frown upon interracial dating and biracial children. Me personally, I am happy for them. Love has no color or judgement in my eyes.

Tika Sumpter revealed her engagement on Friday, January 20 when she appeared on The Real talk show. Nick proposed in a simple way on Christmas.  Although, Tika has been keeping this relationship to herself, I am glad to see her happy in love, with a new baby and a soaring career. Congratulations Tika and Nick!!!! Keep shining!!!


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Editor: Poetic Soultress