Reigniacs! Meet Prince Henry #Reign

Meet Nick Slater, just one of the new cast members to join Reign in S4. Nick takes on the role of Prince Henry, the youngest Valois.  A very young Henry returned to court in the season finale. In S4, Henry will have aged to about 18 years old.  SPOILER ALERT!  As you know, S3 ended with King Charles, who found his way back to the castle after escaping his abductors and witnessing the murder of his friend, declaring to Catherine that he no longer wanted to be king. Catherine would have none of that, of course, so Charles met with the privy council to request that he be considered of age to rule without a Regent. Unfortunately, we have a long wait to see what happens but we know that crossing Catherine is never a good idea and that she will do whatever she needs to do to keep the power to rule France in her hands.   Until tomorrow, Reigniacs!