OMG!!! No Power Season 5!!! #Power #Starz #PowerStarz #KeepStarz

Fans are in an uproar. Even my feelings are hurt. Season 4 of Power had the fans in tuned, talking and can't wait till Sunday. We were so excited that sometimes at midnight; we watched Power on Comcast Starz On Demand. 

We all have been anticipating Season 5 of Power. Filming has already begun. So what's up with all the rumors?

Power 5 pre 3.jpg

Some of the cast has taken to their IG protesting that Power/Starz don't be dropped.  Optimum is the subscriber of Starz. The parent company of Optimum is Altice. According to Starz, Altice made negotiate a new contract difficult. But according to Altice, Starz didn't meet the midnight deadline. As of New Year's Day, Starz has been dropped from the Optimum/ Altice network. What does this mean for Power?



Now, other networks probably would be happy to pick up Power. You have HBO, Showtime, and even Netflix. However, it probably wouldn't be the same behind the scenes. Whatever the case, we need Power on our TV screen. Rotimi (Dre) and Joseph Sikora (Tommy) is of a few cast protesting to keep Starz. There are a hashtag, #KeepStarz and phone number they are asking fans to call. The phone number is 844-71-STARZ. 

I genuinely hope the outcome turn out different. I most definitely pray that Starz resolves the issue quickly.  

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Editor: Lattice Johnson