OUTLANDER FANS! We Have Our Lord John Grey!

Well, it is official.  Lord John Grey is now totally hot in my eyes.  Why?  Because I never envisioned him as David Berry, the Australian actor who was just announced this week as the one to portray Lord John Grey in Season 3 of Outlander!  Actually, if he had a thick Scottish accent, he would be my pick for Roger, as this is how I have seen Roger and still do(….sorry Rik Rankin) when I read the books.

Lord John has always been a favorite amongst the book readers.  He even has his own series written by Diana. By reading a few of those is how I came to like the character myself. 

We first met Lord John Grey as a very bold and rash young 16 year old soldier in season 2.  He tried to sneak into the encampment to “save” Claire whom he thought Red Jamie held captive.  Jamie spared his life, and as a result, Lord John owes him a debt which will be paid this season.   Jamie doesn’t see the man again until he is in Ardsmuir prison many years later and Lord John becomes the man in charge there.  A friendship that spans the rest of the books develops. However, there is some disappointment on Lord John’s side.  As readers of the books know, Lord John is “in the closet” as a gay man and falls for Jamie.  He gets a very stern let down, but Lord John is a much better man than Black Jack and respects Jamie and from that a strong friendship follows.

As for David Berry, just like most of the actors on Outlander, they are basically unknown in the US, but not many have disappointed us!  The fans have seemed to take quite the liking to him also and if he does a great job, there might even be a spinoff series, as there is plenty of material from the Outlander books as well as the Lord John Grey books to pull from!  

No set date on when Season 3 will start, but filming has just started for many and it has been said they are aiming for a slightly earlier date then previous seasons.

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