OUTLANDER has Cast Young Ian and Joe Abernathy!

If you have read the Outlander series novels, you will undoubtedly know who Young Ian and Joe Abernathy are.  Outlander / STARZ has announced the casting of John Bell as Young Ian and Wil Johnson as Joe Abernathy.  In case you are a TV only type person, let me fill you in with a little background information about the two characters.

Young Ian is the youngest of Jamie's sister, Jenny and her husband Ian Murray.  He is said to resemble his father, but his temperament is said to more closely resemble his Uncle Jamie.  He is described as a tall gawky boy with brown hair and big brown eyes with a heart of gold.  Poor Young Ian however, has this knack for getting into trouble and difficult situations.  He bonds closely to his Uncle Jamie and when Claire first meets him, he has run away from home to stay with his Uncle in Edinburgh.  Of course, this does not go over well with his fierce mother!

Joe Abernathy is a close friend of Claire's in the 1960's. He and Claire became friends in medical school and intern at Boston General Hospital.  They bond over the a really bad romance novel in the break room and also form a special bond due to hardship of their place in the 1960's working world - Joe, being African American and Claire a woman. In the books Claire describes Joe as one of only four people whom she totally trusts and who will tell you like it is.  The other three are Master Raymond, Roger and of course, Jamie.  Joe is a kind, funny good-hearted man who becomes like an uncle to Brianna. It should be noted that on occasion, Joe is asked to evaluate forensic evidence for the coroner's office and I believe even an anthropology department.  The bones he will show Claire will become of a shock to the viewers when they find out who they belonged to.  Of course, you will have to wait and see or read the book.  :)

John Bell (Young Ian) has been in two of the Hobbit movies - The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies as the character Bain, as well as Wrath of the Titans (2012).

Wil Johnson (Joe Abernathy) is an English actor, who has had television roles in Waking the Dead and Babyfather in the UK.

Outlander is currently filming Season 3 which has no set premiere date as of yet and is based on the third book, Voyager, of Diana Gabaldon's world famous Outlander series.