"Your heart's desire Swan, that's all I want you to have," - Hook, 6x05 #OUAT

Last night’s episode served one purpose…to push the narrative of the savior story forward with introducing Aladdin and putting Killian in a position of keeping the shears that has a lot of people either shaking their heads or face palming. A lot may be saying it is out of character for him to do that and to be honest I can see the point BUT let’s look at this line he said to her because even though it is swoon worthy it is also very telling to his state of mind.

Whether right or wrong Killian has always been written to put Emma first. Her wishes, her desires and even letting her take the lead in the relationship as it developed. He knows and understands that she really doesn’t want to die. She wants a family a future with him and a life of happiness she has always dreamed of. Killian himself is a survivor, which means he has always (when he is in control) made sure that every avenue of escape was open to him if he needed to call on it. This time instead of himself surviving, he is focusing it on Emma, making sure all her options are there. Whether that is right or wrong will be determined in a later episode. In a lot of ways, it does parallel 5A when he was turned into the Dark One against his wishes…my only hope is that when the time comes he will still allow Emma to choose whether or not to use the shears. But for now all he wants to do is make sure she has the opportunity to get all her “heart’s desires”.

One thing I do have to say is that I reeeeaaaaallly need our OTP to have a REAL discussion about all of this. They need to allow Killian to be upset about the secret. We did get a lot of emoting from him, and you could tell he was unhappy about it, but in an episode where Emma had a talk with Snow and Henry, it seemed fitting that Killian had a chance too instead of complying and going along with it like a “perfect boyfriend.” Killian is not perfect; that is part of his appeal. That is why I kinda don’t mind he kept the shears as this is kind of a rebellious way of saying “No. I am unhappy with the situation.”

I can only hope that once his act is revealed that we get a good scene between the two. The last one they had was when they were both Dark Ones and being controlled by it. They need to have one for themselves. If they want to promote a healthy couple between these two, they need to have a good argument…just like Snow and David did in Neverland after his secret was revealed. They have been through so much and clearing it all out would be good. It will only make the stronger as an OTP.

On the other parts of the episode, they were ok. I enjoyed the interaction between Jasmine and Aladdin, but some of the parts of their stories fell flat for me… like when he rescued her and the Sultan from Jafar. Also didn’t it irk you just a bit that after finding Aladdin again the first thing she says is I need you the Savior to save Agrabah. Does she see him as a romantic interest or just someone to turn to when help is needed?

Zelena and Regina were funny but eeewwww on talking about Gold…reality is Regina is pushing all the right buttons to keep Zelena in line….too bad Regina is not even trying. Sigh….
And poor
Jiminy. I give it a 7, some good parts I can get behind but struggled too much with others. So what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. They did cut out a whole scene with Zelena talking with Rumple in front of Granny’s as was mentioned in the show…too bad, we may never know what was being said.

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