#Reign - "A Better Man"

Reign returns tomorrow night with episode 10, "A Better Man." Now that she and Darnley are married, Mary plots to take Elizabeth's throne. When will she tell Darnley that she's pregnant? In England, Elizabeth and Gideon may have feelings for each other but Elizabeth is under pressure now to find an appropriate suitor to marry and it can't be Gideon. She knows that she's vulnerable to Mary's claim to the English throne if she is not wed.  It looks like James once again caught up in a scheme with John Knox. This one, however, ends in tragedy. 

The CW announced the date for the Reign series finale. Friday, June 16th is the date and, #Reigniacs and I AM NOT READY!!!  If the show does end in Mary's death (and it kind of has to), I am going to be inconsolable!  There is so much that has to happen yet and with so few episodes remaining, I have to wonder how they are going to handle so much story in such a short time. Will we see any of our favorite characters again?  Bash?  Leith?  FRANCIS???  How I would love to see Francis and Mary reunited!  

Check back this weekend for my recap of A Better Man!